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DB Cooper Didn’t Survive the Jump - Douglas Perry

August 14, 2019

Douglas Perry is a writer, author, and journalist at The Oregonian. Over the last few years he's written many articles covering DB Cooper for The Oregonian. Doug has done a lot of great work on the case, covering suspects and the folklore. He's investigated William Smith, Walter Reca, Sheridan Peterson, and Robert Rackstraw to name a few.


A few articles Doug has written for The Oregonian:

Robert Rackstraw, D.B. Cooper suspect with various bizarre Oregon connections, dies at 75

D.B. Cooper search leads to Bachelor Island; ex-FBI agent says suspect will get away with it ‘unless he confesses’

D.B. Cooper 'secret ciphers' released, point to key suspect; cryptology experts say, Not so fast


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