The Cooper Vortex

DB Cooper Science Panel - Eric Ulis, Tom Kaye, Anonymous

March 26, 2020

Tom Kaye is a scientist who works in the fields of paleontology and astrophysics. Somehow his work got him involved in the DB Cooper caper, and like everyone else once he was in he couldn't escape the vortex. He was the lead investigator for the Cooper Research Team, also known as the Citizen Sleuths. All the forensic work done on the case, was done by Tom Kaye and his team. They even had access to all the evidence the FBI had on the case. Check out his website to read about all their work on the case at


Eric Ulis is the Organizer of CooperCon, the author of Sky Ghost: Unraveling the Enigma of DB Cooper, and his documentary The Final Hunt for DB Cooper premiers July 5th on Histories Greatest Mysteries on The History Channel.

Eric's DB Cooper YouTube Channel


Anonymous Joe is a US Army Analyst and proponent of William J Smith as the hijacker. Follow him on Twitter  @DWNoone1


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